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 Clan Rank Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Clan Rank Responsibilities   Clan Rank Responsibilities EmptyTue Aug 23, 2016 10:11 am

Since there's been some confusion as to what the different admin+ ranks privileges are, this post is to explain which rank can do what.
Deputy Owner and Owner are not listed here.
There are a few exceptions to the event hosting requirements, as those individuals have other responsibilities within the clan.

Only Deputy Owner and Owner may change the rank of other members without express permission.

The admin rank is primarily for avatar rights, whilst we cannot remove their permissions to rank up members, they are not permitted to do so. Keep in mind that they have reached this rank for a reason, and are to be treated as such, blatant rudeness will not be tolerated. Just because they're not permitted to kick/ban users, that doesn't mean those of a higher rank won't pay attention if an incident is brought to their attention.
Whilst an admin is not required to host events, it is very much so encouraged that they actively participate in the clan as a whole.

The Organiser rank, of course, has access to the avatar, and the option to moderate clan chat is left to their own discretion. Any such action taken should have screenshots taken, and said images sent to those of deputy rank or higher, as to avoid any unnecessary issues.
The same stance on hosting events applies here as it does for the Admin rank.

The same permissions as the Organiser apply to this rank.

All Clan Members:
Are responsible of actively playing runescape (by gaining exp) at least one day out of the year. If a member is planning on taking a break for a year or more from runescape must reach out to any key rank to express their desires if they wish to remain in the clan. Otherwise, inactive members will be removed from the clan list.

(Responsibilities currently being looked at, stay tuned. The above is copy and paste from a prior user.)
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Clan Rank Responsibilities
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