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 Kalphite King Guide

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PostSubject: Kalphite King Guide   Kalphite King Guide EmptyTue Jul 28, 2015 4:10 pm

Since Kalphite King won the poll with a majority of the votes.  We will be taking Ethereal Spirit to that Hive and crowning ourselves kings.
Since it is a mass, no need to worry about max gear and herb/summoning levels.  As players will be dying constantly that the familiars will be wasted.  
We will need a Dedicated Voker.  Other than that Dpsers and sub tanks will be fine since it is a mass.
DPS-  Your job is to spit out as much damage as humanely possible, and kill the exiled guardians when he spawns them, as this allows the Voker to get a clean voke off so no-one get instakilled by his green attack.
Voker-  Your job is to voke when someone calls a green/ when you notice a player turning green.  This prevents them from being instakilled.  The green attack is always the third attack after a burrow or a style change.  Range>Mage>Melee.
Ability order for a "Clean Voke"  Provoke>Resonance.   Or if marauders are still out Provoke>Immortality/Barricade the latter preferred.

Mage Kalphite King-  His wings are Cyan/Blue  
                            He spawns AOE bombs that float up in the air and blow up.They have a a Yellow/Greenish color to them.  They deal a huge chunk of Hp, and the clusters have a potential One shot you.  This is also the most difficult phase for Melee Dps'ers as you have to attack and avoid the bombs,  He also spawns guardians on this phase.
                            He spawns a blue bomb that will stun you then float up and deal up to 4000 damage.  Use Freedom to break the stun and run away from it.
Ranged Kalphite King- His wings on turn a Green colorUpon switching he will launch a stunning bolt.  Then follow up with incendiary shot upon three players.  His basic attacks have a chance to act like Fragmentation shot which deals a DOT to teh player
Melee Kalphite King-  His wings on his side turn a Yellow color.  He has 4 basic attacks.  Quake which deals aoe in front of him 3 spaces, Slaughter, Dismember and a shove which briefly shoves a player to the ground stunning them.

He has multiple special attacks.
Beetle-juice-  He turns a player green briefly.  If a player is left green without someone voking that person gets instakilled.
Marauders- He summons a group of exiled marauders, they must be dealt with ASAP so the voke comes off clean.  They deal damage if standing upon where they burrow out from.
Digging- The Kalphite king burrows underground, coming up again at a random spot.  A player takes up to 5000 damage and is stunned if he comes up under them.
Healing- Green aura- It works like Nexes Siphon,  all damage will heal him.  When you see the green aura you step aside and ignore him till it goes away.    
           Red Aura- He heals for any damage if a protection prayer is not being used or other damage reduction buffs are in use.
Barricade-  The Kalphite King will use Barricade if the ultimate abilities  Unload or Frenzy are used.  This makes him Immune to damage for 10 seconds.
Side note- He moves as fast as players do, and the use of stuns will make him skip attacks.  So try not to use to many stuns.

I know this is a lot for one boss and is a pretty long post, but once we get in there and try it out everyone will learn it's easier than we thought.

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Kalphite King Guide Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kalphite King Guide   Kalphite King Guide EmptyWed Jul 29, 2015 11:39 am

More guide like this please.
every boss
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Kalphite King Guide
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