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 Twitch developer q&a ---July 14 2015---

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PostSubject: Twitch developer q&a ---July 14 2015---   Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:17 am

James, Stu, Pi, Kelpie, & Jesus

Rule Breaking
Top three people on the highscores were found to be account sharing, thus have been temp-baned, as JageX cracks down on this rule eventually the punishment will be a perm-ban.

There are bugs with the yakamaru which are being worked out.

Raids expansion in future will be likely: Loot changes, new bosses.

Grouping system changes in process to make grouping easier for players.

Runecrafting Updates
New ways to gain exp while training runecrafting through the abyss. I had teased you all about this in a prior post and in this Q&A they elaborated a bit more.

1st: Go to the Zammy mage in the south east corner of Varrock, ask him about more information about the Abyss.
2nd: Ask to buy mysterious object (equip-able) for 550k.
3rd: While in wild running to Zammy mage you will have an icon above your head if you have the mysterious object to alert Pk'ers to kill you.
4th: If you successfully make it through the abyss you will receive 3.5x the base xp while runecrafting for one minute each time. (while crafting blood runes you will exceed xp rates of runespan)

**if you choose to do abyss training without the mysterious object you will also receive 2.5x the base xp just for using the abyss**

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Twitch developer q&a ---July 14 2015---
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