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 Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special

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Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special Empty
PostSubject: Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special   Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 2:58 am

If you read nothing, read this... Buy yourself a spirit shield. With Raids and new abilities Shields are going to boost damage and allow use for new abilities. Corp is going to be more useful and shields are going to skyrocket in price because of this update!!!!

Now to continue...

Raids released next week
Enter though the portal which was used earlier to gain exp from meteorite chunks
once here you will see a village called Kantar which is populated by Goebie's. (snail like creatures with large rocks attached to their backs ((as they age the rock becomes too heavy to carry and ultimately smashes them to death)))
This village is in ruin and at the mercy of the air. You can claim rewards and start the PVP mini game here where you attempt to transport supplies to a designated location to gain reputation.
There is also a massive boss which has two phases you can defeat in teams of 10 to unlock armor, titles, and other rewards with your reputation.
There is multiple ways to gain knowledge throughout the world about the Goebie's.
Randomly generated forest which will spawn a NPC which when found will unlock a new pet override to follow you along in your journey.

Two new types of tank armor for each combat preference: mage, range, or melee. there will be a standard version (degrades to dust and unlocked though raids reputation) and a premier version unlocked through currency dropped by the boss (which degrades but can be repaired)
With this armor shields now will provide a damage boost like an off-hand weapon (not as much damage, but substantial enough for a shield) While wielding this shield you will be able to preform abilities unlocked through raids which will be exponentialy useful during bossing such as Vorago, King Kalphite, and others.

The Abilities
from what I can gather there will be multiple abilities to unlock (tradable until redeemed) with these abilities you will be able to apply 'stacks' to the monster up to 10 and remove all the stacks at once to deal extreme damage to the target. Thus making a 'Tank' that much more valuable to a PVM team.

*** I cannot know everything, so please if you have further information please post below.
**** In addition, if you enjoy these re-caps I am posting please 'support' by posting so I can be encouraged to continue. This does take time out of my life to listen to twitch and take notes and post it all. I do it because I believe it is valuable to you guys who do not listen and would like to be informed on new content coming. It can be discouraging when I don't see that anyone is posting on these threads.

As always much love;
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Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special Empty
PostSubject: Re: Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special   Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 3:34 am

Hmmm, on one hand I'm looking forward to Raids, but on the other I don't want to get too excited just in case they're overrated (found myself slightly disappointed lately with some of the new content, but that's just me). New armour will be awesome though, and of course who couldn't use some new abilities! Can see myself grinding for that pet override too. 

Thanks for taking the time to type all of this up, I never watch the streams so without this thread I would be rather in the dark - so thank you  I love you
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Twitch 7-7-2015 ----- Raids Special
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