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 Introducing Ire

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PostSubject: Introducing Ire   Introducing Ire EmptyTue Nov 08, 2016 5:13 am

Hello- first of all I would like to talk about how I joined Runescape. It was when I was in the summer of year 3 (I think) in terms of English schooling. My sister had started playing it first, and me, being the younger brother who loved copying his sister and beating her deciding to join it too. So for a few years we played together. Eventually she decided she no longer wanted to play, as Runescape was lame, but I, being the persistent person I am, stuck to the game and kept playing. To this day, she is still surprised I still play this game! One of my favourite memories is back when we were low levels... we used to do mining together in the lumbridge mines. One of us would do copper, and the other tin and then we would both make some bronze. Anyway, she was quite into FasionScape, and her favourite item was the adamant chain skirt with a gold trim. Remember those days when trims were in style?!
Anyway, about my game name- Ire. I only managed to get this when Jagex announced a year or couple ago that they would be releasing inactive names. Rare names were always something cool, but the prospect of getting one myself was surreal. Anyway, I was just happy to get any two or three letter name... and I found this one! What makes me very happy with Ire is that I discovered the word when I went on holiday to Jamaica with my family- a guy said ire has positive connotations for them, as in happiness or contentment. What name could be better than that! Anyway, I had one previous name before which I often use on other websites, but I can't share it as unfortunately it is my password in this forum (oops!). It does mean I won't forget it easily, lol.
Over the years I have gone on and off Runescape. I will be honest and say I did try out a lot of stuff-including macroing, which resulted in a different account of mine getting perm-banned. That made me stop that, although the whole thing generated my interest in computer programming- which turned out to be very difficult D:
This is not my first clan, but after the many hiatuses I have had, I ended up with a friends-list and clan I no longer knew, and who no longer knew me.
That is how I actually discovered this clan. I was bored of playing alone in Runescape... so I decided to search for one. I was in a high level one which had a lot of members, as a guy came out of his way to recruit me (which I respected) which was why it took so long for me to come here. I said before I discovered you guys through Bio's Dark Beast guide, but after guesting I was a little sad that this crew was a bit smaller than I would have liked. Nevertheless, I decided it's not quantity that counts, but quality! You guys are great and I have already made some friends. I even feel like capping weekly (haven't done it yet, but I will soon don't worry!), which is strange indeed.
I like to think myself as an efficient individual, so generally on RS I am afk playing at darkbeasts, seren stones, barehand fishing sharks (I get a lot of those dailies!), or at harps (until I'm 99 crafting at least). I usually spend most of my evenings when not at school playing videogames- on my phone I have 3! Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike and KillShotBravo. On my PC I also play a FPS game called Warface.
I do keep busy with my studies, and this year hopefully I act more serious than I usually do- it's my final year before uni, so I need to do well. I have applied to study Economics at Oxford, the LSE, UCL, Queen Marys Uni of London and another for an insurance. Forgot to say, I do live in London and I am 17 years old, but 18 in January (birthday presents anyone Very Happy?)
Well, needless to say, I could go on but I think I've said enough. I suppose my goals in RS till next September/October (When I'd start uni) would be to maybe max, complete a lot more quests, do more clue scrolls (and maybe get a dye), cap weekly without forgetting, make overloads for pvm (ugh), complete ports and the arc and keep building my cash stack.
See you in-game
(Generally from any time between 5pm-11pm UTC on weekdays, and anytime on the weekend :])
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Introducing Ire
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