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 Artisan Workshop Improvements

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PostSubject: Artisan Workshop Improvements   Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:03 pm

Artisan Workshop was reviewed by the Ninja Team and improved. JageX states that they are going to be working on improving old content and bringing it up to today's standards. Excited to see what else they are planning

To Review:

Artisan Workshop:
- smith burial armor introduces new side bar which is open at all times and can be used to quickly change type of armor smithing without stopping the smithing.
- new daily challenges adding for rune and addy tasks
- Tongs can be stored in tool belt
- Buriel overlay window added & shows your current respect
- Dent sizes reduced and made more fair to the player
- Rewards:
- Auto reload added for the cannon
- Increase ceremonial sword orders
- Sword polishing kits prevents the sword from breaking
- Bonus package bundle which includes 50k smithing BXP
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Artisan Workshop Improvements
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