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 Cost-effective Invention Tips

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PostSubject: Cost-effective Invention Tips   Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:06 pm

Here are some tips to help get you started with invention-- and save you some money:

  • Black salamanders or Korasi's sword with enhanced excalibur offhand are cheap options for weapons to augment at lower invention levels. Black sallies are less than 10k each, Korasi's costs 500k gp to re-purchase, and enhanced excalibur is 500gp. Level them as high as you can (up to level 10) and disassemble.

  • Tortured souls are good for pious components. 0% base junk chance and costs 1-2k gp on ge.

  • Logs are good for simple parts. Consider using maple (50% base junk chance) because they are much cheaper than using yews or magics... even with the difference in the junk chance percentage. Gold bars are also a good option. They cost just under 200 gp currently and give 2 materials each. (56% base junk chance)

  • Disassemble slayer rings for enhanced components. Crystal flasks are good as well, but they are more expensive.

  • Yew shieldbows give a variety of components, some from bow type materials and some from shield type, and are cheap. 56% base junk chance and give 12 materials each.

  • Yew shortbows are good for dextrous components. They give 12 materials each. (56% base junk)

  • High level pouches/scrolls are good for powerful components. Barker toad pouches are cheap to make and only use gold charms. If you convert them to scrolls while voice of seren is active in Amlodd, you get 20% more scrolls for free.

  • Enlightened is a good perk to have on every item you augment and are planning to disassemble or siphon. It gives 3% more item xp per rank.

  • Make lots of divine charges. You can make a profit even if you buy the divine energy from ge.

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PostSubject: Re: Cost-effective Invention Tips   Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:07 am

Thank you for this Poe! Good work Smile

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Cost-effective Invention Tips
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