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 Falador is being over-run, or is it?

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PostSubject: Falador is being over-run, or is it?   Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:24 pm

choose your side, black knights vs the white knights

personally I don't really care much for who wins, I don't even know who I am fighting for, here is what you can expect:

Just north of falador near the loadstone, just east of it actually is a camp of black knights. Here you can kill the knights and get killer xp in killing them (good idea to go to world 2 to do this) or you can heal the wounded soldier (HP or HERB xp) just south of where you can kill them, or a little bit more east you can damage the cannons. (construction or woodcutting xp) --I believe--

if that wasn't enough treasure hunter just released this sword (possible tier 75) event, with toolbox items you get 100 every day and can win golden tools off the treasure hunter or buy more via loyalty points. With the tool box you can participate in unearthing this sword. it will last a week and every day there are two different skills you can get xp in. First day I did mining xp and second day I did woodcutting, but you could have done farming the first or herblore the second if you wished.

fun fun, let me know what you think of this event.

Is it worth the time in your opinion?
Are you participating in it?
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Falador is being over-run, or is it?
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