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 Divination event

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PostSubject: Divination event   Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:31 pm

Hi guys,

Probably not a overly liked event here BUT seeings as I am currently going for 99 Divination I figured I might as well make an event for the skill, efficiency is KEY after all.

Anyone with level 70+ Divination is welcome to attend and Harvest some Wisps with me for the duration of this event.
Unfortunately I cannot go lower than the level 60 Divination spot, so this does sadly mean those without 60+ Divination wont be able to attend as a group. However I will be getting out the avatar to increase EXP/PH so any who do wish to still Join in, or just get some bonus EXP in Divination are encouraged to skill anyway.

Event will Saturday 17/10/2015 New Zealand Standard Time (GMT +12) (at time of posting it is 16/10/2015) around 12:30PM NZST (I believe this is 11:30 Game Time.

- Campe / Aoide
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PostSubject: Re: Divination event   Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:35 pm

awe man, sorry camPe i only just started watching this topic, for some reason I wasn't already.... any ways... wish I could have been there, please host more of these, I hate div so for an event to be running I would love to be there, take some of the pain away from the skill for me imo
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Divination event
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