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 Super Defense Herblore

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Purple Weird

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PostSubject: Super Defense Herblore    Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:49 am

Hello Clan Mates,
This is the method I am using to make a little money with herblore
Several of you were on last night when I mentioned this but my internet threw a hissy fit and stopped working before I was able to explain.

This method will not get you rich, but at least it has allowed me to get to level 75 herb without costing me a lot of money

First off you need to have
-Scroll of cleansing (Unlocked from dg for 20,000 points)
-Level 66 herblore
-Access to wells (I suggest finding the location of one thought the friends chat portables)

To test my theory I brought as much as I could at the time, which was
-800 Grimy Cadantine
      -4150 gp ea
-841 White Berries (I started with 800 but had to buy more so I factored this in)
      -1100 gp ea

For a total of 4,245,100gp (4.2M)

I made 991 potions (Remember with scroll of cleansing and wells you save some/make extras)

This sold for a total of 4,657,700 (4.65M)
Which is a profit of 412,600 gp

So I made roughly 50,000 per 100 potions made

So this method does rely on saving herbs and white berries but it is better than wasting money

I am about to start a second run, I am going to see how much I can buy clean cad for to see if I can still run a profit on them as cleaning herbs waists time.
Thanks for reading through to the end
Love Meg (Purple)
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PostSubject: Re: Super Defense Herblore    Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:38 am

I did super defence potions but I didn't have the scroll of cleansing and I brought Cadantine pot (unf.). Whooops Rolling Eyes

I'll give this a try though!

Thanks for sharing Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Super Defense Herblore    Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:32 pm

any profit has the possibility of getting rich!!! good find meg, nice work
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PostSubject: Re: Super Defense Herblore    

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Super Defense Herblore
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